Art Brand Studios to market Kevin Grass’s fine art prints because he won [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year at Artexpo New York!

April 2017 — Art Brand Studios inked a contract to be sole representative for fine art prints of Florida photorealist figure painter Kevin Grass at Artexpo New York as part of his [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year award. The award came was initiated by Redwood Media Group, which owns six art fairs in the United States, and is modeled to be an “American Idol for artists” according to Managing Director Rick Barnett.

During the four-day art fair, which attracted more than 33,000 visitors to Pier 94 in Manhattan, artist Kevin Grass received a large check for $10,000 that is an advance for royalties from prints to be made of his paintings by Art Brand Studios. The company is known for representing the works of Thomas Kincade, who was the most collected living artist of his time. The [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year award is designed to highlight deserving, but lesser known artists. The hope is that this collaboration between Grass and Art Brand Studios will heighten his profile among a larger market segment.

Artist Kevin Grass and his wife, along with representatives from Art Brand Studios and Redwood Media Group at the [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year awards ceremony at Artexpo in New York, April 2017

Kevin Grass after having received a $10,000 advance against royalties for fine art prints to be made of his paintings from Art Brand Studios at Artexpo New York 2017

A date for when the first prints of Kevin Grass’s paintings will be available has not yet been set, but please check back on this website for news updates, and also on the  Art Brand Studios website.

Grass took the opportunity while in New York to exhibit works in a solo booth at Artexpo to see how New York audiences liked his work. “I am glad that these viewers like my content,” he said. “The audience here is sophisticated and insightful. It was a pleasure talking to so many people. There was no question, for instance, that viewers recognized that my Love Wins! painting is an homage to Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding Portrait. That is not always the case everywhere else. I hope that my connections here will lead to long-term success.”

Florida artist Kevin Grass is surrounded by his paintings in his solo booth at the Artexpo art fair in New York in April 2017.

Kevin Grass in his solo Booth 148 at Artexpo 2017 in New York on Pier 94.

Grass’s fondest wish is that he can retire early from teaching fine art at the college level so he can devote all of his time to painting. He has fourteen ideas for upcoming paintings designed already, but since his meticulous techniques are so time-consuming, he typically finishes only three to four paintings in one year in addition to his full teaching load. He is hopeful that working with Art Brand Studios and the sale of prints of his paintings will move him closer to his elusive goal of being a full-time artist.